About domist.io

domist.io is a platform to backorder expiring ccTLDs. We hand pick most awesome domains that are expected to expire in the next 7 days. If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us at info@domist.io

How does it work?

Find an expiring domain out of the selection available and place a backorder on it. When we get the domain you will be notified.

I've put a backorder, but I was not charged $99.

You wil only be charged when we secure the domain for you, and not sooner. Sometimes we are not able to get the domain you want, and you will not be charged anything in that case. However you'll have to provide your recent credit card information in order to be able to backorder domains and participate in auctions. Credit card information is stored with stripe, we do not store your credit card information on our servers.

What happends if multiple people backorder the same domain?

In the event of multiple people placing backorder on the same domain, when domain is secured by domist.io, it will be transformed into a 7 day auction. Each backorder will be converted into a $99 bid with original timestamp as the timestamp of placing bid. The earliest $99 bid will be considered top bid (earliest bid priority). Every person who placed backorder on the domain will be informed about the auction.

Anybody can plance new bids on the domain.

I've placed a $300 bid on the domain, but it says "current price" is $109. What is happening?

Your top bid is the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the domain. We wil adjust your bid automatically to second highest plus $10. For example if your bid is $300 with current auction price of $109, and somebody places a bid of $200, we will bump your bid to $210. This way you are still winning the auction, without the need to spend full amount of the your bid.

The auction was supposed to end at 3:43, but it did not!

We try to give everybody a fair chance at bidding on the auction. If somebody places a bid on a domain with less than an hour left in the auction, we will extend the auction by an hour from the last placed bid. This helps protect auctions from sniping.

What happens if backorder or auction is successful?

Your card will be charged the winning amount. Now you can manage your domain in the panel. You can change nameservers associated with the domain to start using it immediately, or you can request auth code to transfer the domain to a different registrar.

I am trying to transfer domain to a different registrar, but "transfer domain" button is inactive.

Most of the TLDs we work with require a 60 day grace period before transfer can be initiated. In the meantime change domain nameservers to start using it immediately.

I would like to cancel backorder or a bid, how do I do that?

You can cancel your backorder by simply viewing domain page while logged in. Backorder button will be replaced with Cancel Backorder button. However all bids are final, and you cannot withdraw a bid from an auction.

I am not comfortable giving you my credit card information.

We understand. Financial information of our clients if of top priority. That is why we work with Stripe as payment processor. We do not store any financial information like credit card numbers, receipts or orders on our servers.

Do you bid on the auctions?


Where can I find your privacy and terms of service statements?

Our privacy statement is located here: privacy, and terms of service here: terms of service.